Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is a popular method for evaluating the quality of customer service. With this method, the mystery shopper blends in as a regular customer and follows a scenario established by the client and mystery shopping company.

 Mystery shoppingWith the help of mystery shopping, the company will be provided with an overview of the customer service quality and they will see, how the standard of service is being implemented in reality. When carrying out mystery visits, the company can compare their results with their competitors; observe, which aspects of their service they should improve and also motivate and train the employees purposefully. The employees will be given personal feedback based on their work, which will allow them to consciously improve their customer service skills to achieve better results.

Good customer service will…

  • Offer a chance to stand out from your competitors. Many companies trade with almost identical products and services, which is why the consumer puts more and more emphasis on the quality of the customer service when deciding which company he prefers.
  • Improve your sales. Statistics show that customers are willing to spend 8-22% above the average purchase sum when the customer service is pleasant.
  • Increase the number of regulars. Loyal customers are interested in re-visiting your company, and this will decrease the costs for luring one-off customers into making repeated purchases.
  • Create a better working environment. Pleased customers will improve the mood of the staff and the general atmosphere in the company.
  • Provide free publicity for the company. The customers will become salesmen — they will spread the word about their positive experience to their friends and family.